Patricia Piccinini: We are Connected at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore

25 Jun 2022

In an upcoming presentation, Patricia Piccinini presents her first major solo exhibition in Southeast Asia titled Patricia Piccinini: We are Connected at ArtScience Museum in Singapore. Staged in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Exchange, Germany, the show will feature more than 40 artworks, offering visitors a fascinating and emotional journey through an extraordinary universe of her hyperrealistic sculptures, in the form of mechanised animals, mutated human beings and uncanny creatures.

Piccinini uses sculpture, installation, collage and video as a medium to challenge viewers to reflect on the technological age we live in and to explore our relationships with other species and ecosystems. With this exhibition she issues a call to humankind for greater introspection, kindness, human responsibility and acceptance.

“My practice is focused on bodies and relationships; the relationships between people and other creatures, between people and our bodies, between creatures and the environment, between the artificial and the natural. I am particularly interested in the way that the everyday realities of the world around us change these relations. Perhaps because of this, many have looked at my practice in terms of science and technology, however, for me it is just as informed by Surrealism and mythology. My work aims to shift the way that people look at the world around them and question their assumptions about the relationships they have with the world.” – Patricia Piccinini

Images courtesy of the artist and Institute for Cultural Exchange.