Patricia Piccinini: CARE at Museum MACAN

23 May 2024

Museum MACAN presents CARE, a solo exhibition by internationally renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini.

Curated by Tobias Berger, CARE marks Piccinini’s debut in Indonesia with a large-scale survey exhibition featuring over forty life-size sculptures, three large video installations, and “Celestial Field” (2021), a spectacular installation of thousands of flowers. Piccinini’s artistic practice explores new conceptions of corporeality, sexuality, and kinship, reflecting on the increasingly blurred boundaries between the artificial and the natural. Her works question our understanding of relationships with the surrounding world, suggesting a future where humanity and other creatures might coexist not just in the same spaces but potentially in the same bodily forms.

In CARE, universal feelings of connection and intimacy that resonate with audiences globally, including those in Indonesia, are addressed. The exhibition also engages with current global issues related to ecology, biodiversity, and biotechnology.

“we invite visitors to see the hybridity of imaginary life forms, touching on the ongoing issues of endangered species in Indonesia. The exhibition will also be imbued with other local contexts which will be revealed soon,” adds Venus Lau, Director of Museum MACAN.

CARE is on view at Museum MACAN until 6 October 2024.