Mehwish Iqbal in ‘Settled/Unsettled’at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery

9 Mar 2024

Maitland Regional Art Gallery presents a group exhibition ‘Settled/Unsettled’ featuring works of Mehwish Iqbal, Kathrin Longhurst, Angus McDonald and Penny Byrne, that explores issues of war and cultural displacement through the lens of asylum-seeker, refugee, and migrant experiences. By investigating the themes of conflict and exile, home and belonging, the exhibition contributes to the movement of empowerment and acceptance.

In her meticulously layered yet delicate works, Iqbal imbeds embroidery on wafer thin clothing pattern tissue paper to convey concepts of womanhood, migration, separation, and integration.

In “Settled/Unsettled,” Iqbal combines ancient narratives, symbols, and motifs from Indo-Persian classical art traditions to delve into the refugee and migrant diaspora, shedding light on the vulnerabilities and survival tactics of marginalized individuals displaced by geopolitical forces.

‘Settled/Unsettled’ is on view at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery until 9 June 2024.

Image: Installation view of Mehwish’s work in ‘Settled/Unsettled’, at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, 2024. Phototgraphed by Leighsa Cox. Courtesy of the artists and Maitland Regional Art Gallery.