Karen Black in ‘Thresholds’ at Murray Art Museum Albury

23 Feb 2024

Karen Black is exhibiting at Murray Art Museum Albury(MAMA) in a 21-artist presentation titled Thresholds.

Thresholds looks to a process of collecting and of working with collections, where artworks can exist as portals to an ever-expanding world of unexpected sites and unanticipated tangents. A place of divergent wormholes traveling through the joy, pain, and weirdness of space and time.

This exhibition brings a number of new acquisitions to the Museum collection into conversation with works that represent the collection’s longstanding strengths.

Thresholds is on view until 6 October 2024.

Images: Installation view of Karen Back’s works in Thresholds at MAMA, 2024. Photographed by Jeremy Weirauch. Courtesy of the artists and MAMA.