“Between Light and Memory”: Contemporary HUM reviews André Hemer’s Images Cast by the Sun

27 Mar 2020

“The works have, at their heart, the sky and the light that it casts. These are things that cannot be grasped but which are ever-present. Shifting between the intangible and the corporeal, between actual paint and scans of it, the works fit neatly within Hemer’s wider practice, which interrogates “the materiality and ontology of paint.”

Continuing to expand its geographical coverage, Contemporary HUM is pleased to bring the first essay covering New Zealand’s art activity in Asia. Working with local sub-editors in the region, they have commissioned the first series of new publications about projects in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangladesh. The first one is an essay by Singapore-based writer Sharmini Aphrodite on the recent work of André Hemer, produced in collaboration with Tokyo-based guest editor Catherine Dale.

Image courtesy of Yavuz Gallery.