Alvin Ong interviewed by Floorr Magazine

28 Dec 2018

“I find myself drawn to the spirit of human encounter, when one being encounters another human presence.

The arms and faces in my work do not belong to a specific individual, but they are made active by holding something, pushing, touching, resting, shoving, grasping and groping. I hope to translate what I see as a sensation that I have experienced in my own body; how an arm feels when it meets another piece of flesh, when skin meets skin; how it feels like to be pricked, or when hairmeets spike; to flit between pleasure and pain; to have a finger, fingers or mouths and orifices voraciously digging into one another…”

Alvin Ong interviewed by Floorr Magazine — a sneak peek of our upcoming exhibition with the Singaporean artist, opening during Singapore Art Week 2019.