Abdul Abdullah at the Cairns Art Gallery

9 Jun 2021

Abdul Abdullah presents The wedding (Conspiracy to commit) at a group exhibition, RITUAL: THE PAST IN THE PRESENT at the Cairns Art Gallery from 15 May – 22 August 2021.

RITUAL: THE PAST IN THE PRESENT extends the Cairns Art Gallery’s research interest in contemporary art practices within the Asia Pacific region and the world’s tropic zone. This research explores the many different and complex narratives, histories, traditions and beliefs which inform art produced by contemporary artists in Australia and cultures in other regions.

This group exhibition comprises of works that respond to three main themes – life cycles, healing and renewal, and spiritual practices. These narratives investigate the different ways of making sacrificial offerings as a form of celebration and contrition, as well as connections and communications with ancestral beings and spirits who continue to guide and shape the present world.

Curated by Julietta Park, Teho Ropeyarn and Kylie Burke.

Immerse yourself in the digital exhibition here.

Image: Abdul Abdullah, The wedding (Conspiracy to commit), 2015, digital print